Composite Decking Aluminium joist 38mm x 38mm x 3000mm
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Composite Decking Aluminium joist 38mm x 38mm x 3000mm

Although these can’t be seen when your deck is complete, they are perhaps more important than your deck boards. Deck joists give you the framework to attach your timber decking boards to and play a very important part in ascertaining the strength and durability of your decking. If this part of the decking is skipped, you stand to compromise the service life, regardless of the quality of the deck boards. The size of the joist correlates to a number of factors including the weight bearing that is required and whether the deck joists will sit directly on the ground or be raised.

Our Aluminium joist support system is the ultimate design for decking support.  The beams are manufactured from a lightweight structural Aluminium with an anodized finish to preserve it life.  It is designed to support any conventional decking systems, it is the perfect option for all decking applications.  Our pedestal system will compliment any decking laid on our Aluminium joists.

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