Hellberg SECURE 1H nylon mesh Visor muff combination

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SECURE SAFE 1 carrier – Visor solution for headband style hearing protectors

The SECURE SAFE 1 carrier mounts quick and easy to any Hellberg SECURE headband style hearing protection, and is as easily removed. Perfect when you are switching between different work tasks in noisy environments.

The carrier is developed in conjunction with the hearing protector, fits perfectly and holds the visor firmly in place. The mesh patterned browguard protects against impacts and gives a comfortable air flow.

Hellbergs smart uniform design gives you multiple choice of different visors, that all fits  perfectly to your carrier.

  • Easy to fit to any SECURE headband style hearing protec­tors
  • Compatible with all Hellberg visors
  • Smooth movement of the visor and a firm stand-by position
  • Well ventilated mesh patterned browguard
  • Slim profile design ensures good stability and balance

    Technical specifications

    Part no: 44201-001

    Style:  Combination Kit

    SNR:  26

    NRR:  23

    SLC (80):  25

    Applications:  Landscaping,Traffic work, Industrial work etc.

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