Hultafors Hi-Vis Retractable Knife

Hultafors Hi-Vis Retractable Knife

  • €8,95

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The Hultafors Hi-Vis Retractable Knife has a durable zinc housing with a screw wheel that makes it easy to open without using tools. Its angled design features a pronounced finger grip and narrowing tip for excellent grip when cutting. Ergonomically designed for the best possible level of safety, comfort and control.

The handle contains a practical, spring-loaded blade magazine that holds 10 spare blades (60mm). Few moving parts and magnetic fixings make changing and cleaning blades easy and the blade can be locked in 4 stages. Supplied with a pack of 10 blades.

Colour supplied is random (Hi-Vis Green, Hi-Vis Red & Hi-Vis Yellow)

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