Hytrol Path & Drive Weedkiller 400G

Hytrol Path & Drive Weedkiller 400G

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Hytrol Path & Drive Weedkiller kills weeds on hard surfaces and continues to keep them away all season.

Use on driveways, paths and patios when weeds are actively growing. While all weedkillers will kill weeds, Hytrol Path & Driveway Weedkiller will continue to prevent weeds appearing all summer. You only have to do the job once.

Mix the contents of the sachet with water in a sprayer (2 sachets to 5L water to cover 80m2) or watering can (1 sachet to 10L water to cover 40m2). 1 sachet covers the average driveway. Use on a dry calm day from Spring to Autumn where rain is not expected for at least 6 hours. You can clearly see where you have sprayed as it leaves a temporary marker. Results can start being seen from 2-6 days and it keeps on working for up to 12 weeks, killing weeds that have not yet developed. Do not use on lawns or areas where you don't want to kill plants.

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