Irwin G245 Straight Tin Snips 250mm 10in sheahans
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Irwin G245 Straight Tin Snips 250mm (10in)

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    These IRWIN Gilbow straight cutting snips have accurately ground edges that ensure the material being cut does not slip out of the jaws and become damaged.
    The hollow ground jaw faces provide a longer life to the cutting edge.

    Gilbow tin snips are jointed with a nut and bolt design essential in ensuring the longest possible life of the joint, whilst keeping a good easy smooth cutting movement.
    Irwin Gilbow snips and shears have a great cutting capability which is much greater than the strength of the user and will provide a good, clean, easy cut edge to any workpiece.
    The original Gilbow cutting snips were first designed many years ago, and have dominated the sheet metal cutting industry to such an extent that today, snips and shears are referred to as 'Gilbows'.

    Length: 250mm (10in).