Pro Clima Tescon No.1 30 Metre Roll

  • €28,80
  • Save €3,20

Main purpose

To airtight seal membrane overlaps, edges, penetrations and connections to airtight accessories.

Use it on

Internal or external membranes, airtight accessories, timber, concrete, on walls, roofs, floors and ceilings.


Tescon No.1 is a flexible airtight tape for creating long-lasting airtight seals on airtight membranes and windtight breather membranes. It has been tested and proven to provide an airtight seal that lasts 100 years. Tescon No.1 is perfect for sealing overlaps, edges and penetrations as well as connections to most surfaces commonly found on a building site (primer may be required). It can be left exposed to UV and weather for up to 3 months prior to installing the final external finish on the building. 

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