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Tec7 Pur Cleaner

  • €15,00


  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for all PU foams.


  • Cleaning of PU foam guns.
  • Removal of uncured PU foam.


  • 1. Cleaning of a PU gun
    • Turn the dosing button of the gun completely shut, before screwing PUR Cleaner onto the gun.
    • Screw the can onto it up to the blocking position.
    • Then turn the dosing button completely open and press the lever of the gun completely in so as to remove the foam residues from the gun.
    • Repeat like this until the cleaning agent comes out pure.
    • Once again turn the dosing button completely shut, after which you can screw the PUR Cleaner can from the gun.
    • Clean the ring thoroughly and remove any remaining product from the gun. 
    • Always store the gun dry.
  • 2. Removing uncured PU foam
    • Install the provided spout on the can.
    • Check whether the surface to be treated is resistant to PUR Cleaner. In case of doubt, first do a test on a spot that is not normally visible.
    • Then apply PUR Cleaner to a cloth and use it to clean the surface.
    • If necessary, repeat this treatment.

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