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Stove Glass

What causes the glass in my stove to break ?

Surprisingly, the primary reason for glass failure isn't due to physical impact but rather poor fitting. Stove glass lacks toughening, making it prone to cracking or breaking even with moderate impact. Despite being heat-resistant, it still expands and contracts during heating and cooling cycles. Rapid heating can lead to cracking, as can over-tightened clips or the presence of debris. Cracks often stem from fixing points or clips, indicating the source of the issue.

What causes the scratched or cloudy appearance of the glass in my stove ?

When the glass displays a scratched effect, sometimes referred to as "spider's web," it's known as crazing. This phenomenon is often linked to low-quality fuel, especially coal with high sulfur content. While it may detract from the aesthetic, it doesn't always demand immediate glass replacement. Nowadays, improvements in fuel quality have made crazing less common. However, if you notice crazing or cloudiness on the glass, it's advisable to inspect your fuel source

My stove glass is not listed ?

If you can't find the glass you need, please reach out to us via email. Provide us with the make and model of your stove. If that information is unavailable, you can also send us a picture of your stove along with the glass measurements.

Is there a warranty for stove glass?

Stove glass and consumables such as grates, bricks etc are not covered by warranty.

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